Tuesday, September 17, 2013

HydroSeeding... Coming Thursday!

Thursday,September 19th, beginning after the morning rush after 9:00 AM, the contractor will start hydroseeding. This should have little impact of traffic.

Thursday, September 5, 2013


The Rich Road project is coming to a close. There are only hydroseeding and tree planting to go. Both of these items have specific windows of time for allowing the work to be completed. The hydroseeding will be done during September and the planting will follow closely behind when the window for planting opens on October 1. 
 We thank our citizens, both those who live within the project limits and those who drive on Rich Road for their cooperation throughout the Construction, for your patience, and for taking detours when possible. We know it is an interruption to your everyday lives. We are happy with the success of the project and hope you all enjoy the new Rich Road. If you are driving, cycling, or walking along Rich Road while the hydroseeding and planting occur please remember to "give them a brake" as we finalize and beautify the site.

Diane Sheesley
Public Works Construction Manager

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Here is the proposed/planned 3 week schedule from the contractor:

July 22nd -26th

  •  CSBC between 71+00 and EOP
  •  Side Road Construction           
  •  CSTC between 71+00 and EOP

July 29th – Aug 2nd

  • Pave Rich Road between 71+00 and EOP            
  • Guard rail Install           
  • Pole Replacement

Aug 5th-10th           

  •  Driveway Install
  • Permanent signing            
  • Mailbox Install            
  • Edge Conditions rehab

**Note: CSBC is crushed surfacing base course and is the 1st course above the natural subgrade, CSTC is crushed surfacing top course and is a finer rock easier to form for placing the paving on top. 

Paving will be on July 30th for the first lift (driving lanes only no shoulder) and August 1st for the wearing course weather permitting. Puget Sound Energy will also be on site placing poles and crews may start signing and mailbox installation that week instead of waiting until Aug. 5th although they will still be working on this (particularly in the newer paved area) the week of Aug 5th - 10th.

Today they have placed compost in the swales and edge conditions from beginning of project to Riverwood.

Next week, (July 29th), would be a good time to plan for alternate routes of travel as paving usually clogs things up a bit.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Information for the week of June 24th


Weather permitting, plans are to pave on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday of next week.
This will cause great delays in traffic and crews will be working as late as 6:00 pm to take advantage of daylight to get as much done as possible.

If the rain does prevent the application of the asphalt on the planned days, the contractor will fit it in as they can.

We will let you know the schedule for the holiday week as soon as we get it.

It's suggested that you use an alternate route to get to your destination next week, or allow plenty of extra time and load up your kindle! 

Monday, June 10, 2013

June 10th ...

This week they plan to finish the roadway excavation for the portion that has been pulverized; which means the road will be the proper width and in the proper shape to add the next layers. 
 They will also be working on some stormwater features including culverts and drain lines into the stormwater pond.

Next week they will be finishing the first lift of crushed and starting the second lift of smaller crushed rock.

The week of June 24-28th they are planning to start paving and doing shoulder rock. This schedule is both weather dependent and dependent on soil conditions moving forward.

During paving there may be some long work days and some delays in wait time so please be patient or find alternate routes if possible.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

May 23rd 2013

We have found some locations of unsuitable sub-grade (the native soil below the roadbed when Rich Road was originally constructed years ago) which will add a couple days to the project as they will be over-excavated and replaced with a more suitable material for a roadbed. This will be done in only certain spots where needed. This extra excavation should be done by Thursday afternoon and will leave the roadway in better driving condition for the long weekend as well as improve the roadbed for the road improvements. Many of the locations where there were dig-outs and potholes prior to the project starting were caused by this unsuitable soil below the roadway and this over-excavation will make the roadway last longer when it is paved.

The contractor is not planning any work Friday-Monday for Memorial Day Weekend

Work will resume on Tuesday with culvert and irrigation pipe installation.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho, It's back to Work We go...

I'll bet you've missed us.  What?!?! Now, be nice!

Here is the {Totally Weather Dependent} schedule for the next two weeks or so.

We will start slow....

Week one:

 May 6th, Begin moving equipment back to project. Restore signs to proper locations. Return message boards to project.
May 7th, Additional remobilization, complete the rest of removal of obstructions. (fence removal)
May 8th, Grubbing Right-of-Way (This means digging up roots and vegetation beside the roadway)
May 9th, Grubbing Right-of-Way
May 10th  , Pulverizing existing asphalt from STA: 18+50 to STA: 65+00. (This is engineering talk for digging up and crushing what is left of the asphalt. From this point on, you will be on a dirt road until the paving phase of the project.)

Week two: 

May 13th , Dirt Excavation & finish wall
May 14th, Dirt Excavation
May 15th, Dirt Excavation
May 16th, Dirt Excavation
May 17th, Dirt Excavation

We will endeavor to keep you posted on the project's projected progress, via this blog and our twitter feeds @Thurston_PW and @TCPWProjects